Paving stone walkway

When it comes to paving stones, it’s not just one color to choose or one size fits all, you would be surprised what’s out there.
There are so many different types of pavers but the world of paving stones can be hard to figure especially for those without experience. With so many designs out there, different types of paving and a variety of finishes, which one is right for you?

Whether you’re extending your driveway, giving your garden a face lift or adding new dimensions to your home, paving can be as much as a solution as a problem – which makes things even more difficult to figure out.

Let’s start with the different paving materials, like granite. It’s known for its incredible strength and resilience, it has also been the stone symbol of wealth and royalty for hundreds of years. It’s also highly versatile, used in any location for almost every purpose, especially in high traffic areas. Black granite in your kitchen and dining spaces for a stylish look and practicality, as granite has good stain resistance. Or modernize your garden or driveway with seamless silver-grey granite finish.

Going with limestone can make a bold statement in your house or garden. The natural veining and a consistent slab coloring give the stones a sleek and tidy look, perfect for every modern home. It comes in a variety of colors so you can match your design to your home’s aesthetic. Limestone is strong, durable and long-lasting, withstanding general wear and tear and even holding up in extreme weather cases.

The clean and chic look of Slate makes it a new favorite for paving in homes and gardens. Growing in popularity, slate has a wider choice of shape and sizes, making it easily adaptable for every house. Black slate can accentuate dark wood furniture for a beautiful look. Or go lighter with grey slate, paired with white or pale wood accessories for a bright, open appearance. It’s also a great option for interior paving, adding character to different rooms in your home. Easy to maintain and quick to clean, slate is great for a busy kitchen or common areas.

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