Paving stones landscaping

Not only are there many different kinds of materials for paving stones, there’s also many different types of pavers. This means that there is no end to the design elements you want to incorporate and no limit to the visual look you want to achieve.

Paving slabs are the most common type of paving stone, which is a large stone often used for gardens and patios. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes so you can choose for a uniform design with a single size or change things up with multiple shapes and sizes for an individual, unique design.

Paving blocks are smaller and thicker than slabs, making them a popular choice for driveways due to their sturdy design. The brick-shaped stones also work well for decorative edging around large slab-paved areas, including patios and garden pathways.

Cobbles are unique, uneven small stones, often used for decorative purposes. Setts are similar to cobbles but are more evenly shaped –they are commonly used for feature areas like garden paths, decorative borders and edging.

Arched paving blocks, or circles, are decorative paving stones that work very well for large paved areas. This including driveways, patios and home interiors. They can also make beautiful raised seating areas or as steps to another area within your garden.

Walling can add a stunning feature wall to your garden or block off planters with natural stone. Designed to be continue with the natural feel of your garden, walling adds a rustic, unique touch to your home. It also requires minimal maintenance, just an occasional spray with a pressure washer.

With so many choices, so many options, the world of paving can be difficult to navigate. Just do your research, check out paving stone samples and designs and see what your heart tells you. Or you can consult with an expert if you’re not entirely sure what to do.

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